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A Sampling of Recent Books:

     Floods are devastating, but nevertheless fascinating. I found speaking with survivors inspiring, so inspiring that my new novel, Storm Warning, due out on June 30, 2021, imagines two children, who are home alone, determined to win their battle with the Red River flood. 

     On April 24, 2021, I'll be having a digital conversation about surviving floods sponsored by TMYS Academy in India and the Environnmental Humanities Center in Amsterdam. More information will be forthcoming. 

The book Surviving Floods is available in India through Amazon. The other titles are available through various online bookshops.


Imagine you were in the Holy Land when Jesus was born and began his ministry. That's exactly where these interactive novels take readers ages 7-10. Readers must make a decision every few pages that determine what who they meet and what they see, hear, and do. They can journey with Jesus, listen to Him preach, meet believers and those who doubt. 


The books include notes for parents and teachers designed to help them answer questions children may raise about lesser known Bible characters and events. 


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Change Maker Biographies

Every one of these women helped to change the world in ways that made life better, not only for other women, but for everyone. They came from different backgrounds and lived different times and places, but shared a determination to open new opportunities for others. These books, written for children in grades 2-3, provide an introduction to Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Sally Ride, Ruby Bridges, and MalalaYousafzai.




The Big, Bold, Adventurous Life of Lavinia Warren


Chicago Review Press, 2018


8/1/18—Kirkus Reviews, "[An] engaging tale of an unusual and spirited woman."


9/1/18 -- Midwest Book Review, "The Big, Bold, Adventurous Life of Lavinia Warren by Elizabeth Raum is an unreservedly recommended addition to family, elementary school, and community library biography collections for young readers ages 8 to 12. 


Chosen by the Children's Book Council as a Notable Social Studies Book, 2018 [An annual reading list of exceptional books for use in social studies classrooms, selected by social studies educators.]


Synopsis:  A personal history of a courageous woman who was undeterred by physical difference

Lavinia Warren never let her height—or the lack of it—prevent her from leading a full and adventurous life. Although she never grew more than three feet tall, she became a beloved teacher, a world traveler, an entertainer and the friend of many powerful figures. Lavinia was teaching at a local school when she heard about an opportunity to travel doing shows as a "human curiosity" on a Mississippi River boat. Eventually she met P. T. Barnum and worked at his American Museum. It was there that she met Charles Stratton, a litter person known to the world as "Tom Thumb." Their wedding, which took place on February 12, 1863, brought joy to a nation at war. President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln held a reception for the couple at the White House. The newlyweds later toured the United States and the world. Lavinia faced several tragedies but always found the strength to go on. Lavinia's extraordinary story also provides a social history of one of the most devastating periods in American history. With additional material on Tom Thumb Weddings, readers' questions, time line, and notes and bibliography, this is sure to be a valuable title for adventurous middle-grade readers.


Click here to listen to listen to my podcast interview with Bob Harris


Amicus Publishing, 2018


These illustrated nonfiction picture books describe how various animals build their homes. Titles include: Bears Make Dens, Beavers Bulid Lodges, Bees Build Beehives, Birds Build Nests, Orangutans Build Tree Nests, and Rabbits Dig Burrows. 


Available in English, Spanish, and French editions.




Fighting to Survive Being Lost at Sea

Imagine being lost at sea. You'd be miles from land and far too close to sharks. How would you survive without food or water? How would you signal help? In these five nonfiction stories, you'll read about the courage and determination of the survivors during five different ocean disasters, including the sinking of the Titanic, a World War II sailor whose ship was sunk by a torpedo, and a young girl who tried to sail around the world alone. Could you survive being lost at sea? Read Fighing to Survive Being Lost at Sea to find out how others did it.

Fighting to Survive Space Disasters

Being lost in space is terrifying. One astronaut almost drowned during a space walk. Drowned? Yes. His helmet filled with water. Another nearly drowned in the ocean on landing. Space capsules and the space station have experienced near disasters. But clever thinking helped the astronauts survive. Read all about it in Fighting to Survive Space Disasters: Terrifying True Stories.

You Choose and Timeline Books about the American Revolution

Imagine that you are living in the 1770s. The American Colonies are revolting against British Rule. These books present readers with a unique view of the American Revolution. In the You Choose books, the reader becomes a character in the story, making choices that determine the outcome of the story. In the Timeline Book, readers get an overveiw of the entire Revolutionary period. These books work for both advanced and reluctant readers. Enjoy!


Click here to purchase.

You Choose and Timeline Books about the American Revolution


Click here to see the book trailer.


Click here to listen to the story read aloud.


Click here to download the coloring page.


The unlikely hero in this story is young Prince Cedric, who was slow to walk, has a tough time with reading and math, and fails miserably at dragon-slaying school. But with kindness and his love of hugs, Cedric saves the kingdom.


This cheerful picture book reminds us there is more than one way to solve a problem and reinforces the idea that everyone has something special to offer. A gentle message about kindness with delightful watercolors and a lovable dragon.


Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient
Christian Century Magazine Notable Books List





Pro Sports Biographies

The Pro Sports Biographies series is designed for beginning readers who love sports. These biographies include:


  • J. J. Watt, football player
  • Chloe Kim, snowboarder
  • Lebron James, basketball player
  • Maya Moore, basketball player
  • Cam Newton, football players
  • Serena Williams, tennis player
  • Byrce Harper, baseball player
  • Carli Loyd, soccer player


Growing up is complicated! Do you ever wonder about social relationships? If you want to be the best friend and family members you can be, this book will help. How many siblings does the average girl your age have? At what age do most girls start dating? How do other girls your age handle friend drama? 


A companion book, Social Media Savvy: Facts and Figures about Selfies, Smartphones, and Standin Out seeks to answer your questions and more about how to make a statement on social media.

Colonial America Series

All three of these books explore life in Colonial America. You may be surprised to learn about the daily lives of the colonists from their lack of doctors and medicines to their uncomfortable clothing to the animals running wild in the streets. Did you know that colonial people believed that the smellier the medicine, the more it helped cure what might be wrong -- or not!