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The Choose Your Journey Series

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Imagine you were in the Holy Land when Jesus was born and began his ministry. That's exactly where these interactive novels take readers ages 7-10. Readers must make a decision every few pages that determine what who they meet and what they see, hear, and do. They can journey with Jesus, listen to Him preach, meet believers and those who doubt. 


The books include notes for parents and teachers designed to help them answer questions children may raise about lesser known Bible characters and events. 


Teacher Anitra Ollison writes:  "I love how Ms. Raum allows the reader the choice of choosing different story plots based on the three characters' perspectives. Even a reluctant reader would enjoy reading a story adventure!"


Teacher Sheila Burkett writes: "Wonderful book for younger readers. It was an interactive book that kept my 5 year old engaged as well as my 9 year old. A great way to inform younger children about the times and lives of characters during the early centuries."


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