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Terrifying TRUE Stories: Fighting to Survive Being Lost at Sea and Fighting to Survive Space Disasters

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Imagine being lost at sea. You'd be miles from land and far too close to sharks. How would you survive without food or water? How would you signal help? In these five nonfiction stories, you'll read about the courage and determination of the survivors during five different ocean disasters, including the sinking of the Titanic, a World War II sailor whose ship was sunk by a torpedo, and a young girl who tried to sail around the world alone. Could you survive being lost at sea? Read Fighing to Survive Being Lost at Sea: Terrifying True Stories to find out how others did it.





Being lost in space is terrifying. One astronaut almost drowned during a space walk. Drowned? Yes. His helmet filled with water. Another nearly drowned in the ocean on landing. Space capsules and the space station have experienced near disasters. But clever thinking helped the astronauts survive. Read all about it in Fighting to Survive Space Disasters: Terrifying True Stories.




Just writing these books scared me. I no longer want to go far into the ocean in a sailboat. I'll never float on a raft at sea. Imagine having to catch sea birds and eat them to survive. No thank you. And outer space? Not me. I have endless admiration for the brave souls who dare to travel into space, but I plan to keep my feel right here on Earth. The amazing thing is that all of these adventurers survived. Researching how they did that fascinated me. I hope it intrigues you, too.