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School Visits and Speaking Events

I'd love to visit your school either in person or via SKYPE or ZOOM. I can design a program to meet your student's specific needs. Programs are appropriate for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Contact me directly through my contact page on this website or click on the logo to the right.


School visits serve multiple purposes. When I visit a school, I hope to:

  • motivate students to read widely and enjoy it.
  • provide insights into how an author works,
  • highlight the value of research (and communiate my love doing it, even when writing fiction),
  • and encourage kids to write. After all, they'll spend the next several years writing in school!

I emphasize the value of keeping a journal or diary. It will nor only help their future biographers, but they'll love looking back as adults to see what they were doing and thinking as kids.


Answering student questions is what I enjoy most about school visits (in person or via SKYPE). It's a great way to interact with the kids, to find out what they want to know and to provide the best answers I can. Questions allow us to form a personal bond, which often leads to more reading and writing. I'm often amazed by the questions students ask. For example, they often ask about "writer's block," where ideas come from, whether or not I have coffee with  J. K. Rowling (alas, I don't), and what I plan to write next. One first grader baffled me by asking how I get the pictures to stay on the pages of my picture books. (I later learned that the glue the first grade was using didn't work so well.) It gave me a chance to talk about book illustration and publishing in first grade terms.


Please use my Contact Page to request further information. Let's work together to make reading and writing even more fun!

Comments from Teachers and Kids

"Having Elizabeth at our school definitely inspired our students to be young authors and love books!" -- Kristi Ammerman, Reading Specialist Moorhead, MN. 


"When our student hear from an expert, it is so much better than just hearing us say the same thing." -- Joy Patton, ELA teacher, Franklin, TN.


"It would be nice if you would come again!" - Eli, grade 3


"Thank you for showing us how to write a story and for showing us how to know what a setting is." - Karma, grade 2


 "Thank you for your wonderful presentation.  Our reading students are very excited to read your books."  - Kristi Heupel, Reading Specialist, West Fargo, North Dakota